Our Girls

Lacey has so far been our best producer and we are slowly gathering a good selection of her offspring. These girls are only now starting to come of age where we can do all the health testing. Kira has produced some wonderful dogs too and we recently had the opportunity to breed from her daughter Portia (from which we retained ‘Keeper’). Bara is due to whelp shortly and we hope that there will be a female or two to run on from her combination with Monsimbee Xayne.

As mentioned elsewhere, we are currently awaiting the arrival of two more dogs from the Czech Republic due in Australia in 2017.

 eLacey-3Lacey Gila van de Duca Vallei (BH) HD A, ED 0, DM clear)

The lovely Lacey arrived in 2013 after a long wait. Lacey comes from Herby Willems of the Duca Vallei Kennels. Lacey has a solid pedigree filled with some of Europe’s top producing dogs which are reknown for both working credentials and health and longevity. We believe she will offer badly needed new blood and the opportunity for my kennel to move forward. She has now produced a police dog, a scent detection dog (NZ) and is the mother and grandmother of five more police puppies in training.

Lacey has very high prey drive, is extremely stable and confident and bites deep and hard. She is a medium sized girl that covers the ground like a bullet and easily fits in small spaces. Her scent detection skills and persistence are second to none.

Lacey’s working abilities can be seen here:






Lacey Lacey-5 Lacey-0343

Bara harness
Bara Ex-Filio

I saw Bara when I was in the Czech Republic in 2015 and fell in love with her. She is a bright, sunny girl with an incredibly optimistic outlook. When we tested her, she was firey and had very good civil aggression and was more than happy to climb over the sleeve on the ground and drive the helper off. She has an enormous amount of spunk and I believe she will be a great asset to my breeding program.

Bara is not a large bitch but is compact and very fast. She is a sensitive to her handler and is very easy to manage. She is well trained as she is incredibly responsive to my commands – especially given my Czech isn’t all that polished. Bara is also social and stands her ground confidently. She has super, deep grips, ‘outs’ beautifully and is fearless. Bara is constantly tuned into her environment and is trigger ready for everything. She is certainly a fun dog to work with.

Bara being tested in the Czech Republic

eBara2 eBara1 Bara sleeve

Garsova Grisha

This is the gorgeous Gilli (pronounced Jillie). She is from Lacey and Athos and one of the girls from an outstanding litter. Gilli is still young but she is developing into an amazing girl. She is fast like her dam and has the calmness of her sire. She is a confident female with super grips and environmentally very stable.

Gilli is very easy to train, has a great nose and is keen to work. She is a tall female and will take a while to physically mature but I have great plans for her breeding future. She currently has a brother called Zeus in the Victorian Police Dog Squad, as a police dog in training and her sister Nyx is a drug detection dog in New Zealand with ScentTech.

Gilli and Me WS Gilli_Keeper AGilli-8 copy

Goranka Lacey x Athos 2016 -11Garsova Goranka

This is Goranka. She is Gilli’s litter sister and therefore from the Lacey x Athos breeding. She belongs to Hamish Becker and is his ‘hiking and biking’ companion. As so often happens, puppies you let go at 8 weeks often turn out better than expected and Goranka is one of those. I am unable to keep all the best puppies but I am very grateful to Hamish for the opportunity to breed with Goranka later this year. Her hips and elbows are about to be screened and once satisfactory, I plan to breed her to Garsova Dartus – Faustus.

This is a high drive female and is phenotypically very similar to Lacey. She is a beautiful, medium sized girl, with excellent prey and hunt drive along with the agility and speed of her mum. She also has some of the hardness of her sire, Athos along with the much desired ‘off’ switch. I have high hopes for her litter.



Goranka Lacey x Athos 2016-1 Goranka Lacey x Athos 2016 -9 Goranka Lacey x Athos 2016 -4



WS KeeperGarsova Jaqui

This is the lovely little ‘Keeper’. Keeper is from Garsova Djador AZ and Athos. It was a difficult choice – choosing the ‘keeper’. There were three puppies with tremendous potential but they were like peas in a pod. In the end it was “eeny, meeny, miny, Keeper!” So far we have been really pleased with our choice. She is a robust puppy with great attitude, bold and fearless and a wonderful, outgoing temperament. She has excellent prey drive and a good deep bite on the chammy. She rises to any occasion and does not readily back down. She learns extremely quickly and we are thankful to Katrina Ostrenski and Anthony Raey for fostering her for a period whilst we were building new runs. Together they did a fantastic job of developing her and teaching her some social skills. Keeper’s two brothers Janz and                 KeeperKeeperJordan are puppies in training with Victoria Police.


KiraVicpol Kira AZ 

Kira is very special to me. She was an amazing dog to work with and just lived to work. She was a lovely ‘open’ female that was determined and demanded top position here at Garsova. I was extremely lucky to come by her at 7 months old when she had already had some training. Kira is by Nordenstamm Gunnar and out of Alpinebase Higgy. She is also solid black and is a large girl. She is extremely playful and amazingly creative. Together Kira and I took a small piece of history by being the first German Shepherd in Tasmania to achieve the GSDCA Excellent Medallion for our first official track. She was a wonderful training partner. Kira is also the dam of Garsova Dartus who is now an operational Police Dog with the Western Australia Dog Squad. She also has two young police dogs in training at the Victorian Police Dog Squad. Kira is also the dam of Garsova Djador (Portia).

After producing three amazing litters for me, I decided to let her go to a family on a farm in Victoria. I wish them many years of fun with this wonderful dog.

HKira7MB2 eKira12 Jolanda & Kira Aug12


PortiaAGarsova Djador AZ

Also known as ‘Portia’, is from Vicpol Kira and Vonammerberg Eiko. Portia is a puppy I chose to keep in the breeding program because of her fabulous temperament. She is stable and completely unflappable. She has fantastic ball drive and a seriousness I don’t often encounter. Portia was placed with Rachael Sammutt in Victoria and was imprinted and raised to be an inspiring representative of a working line girl. Rachael’s ANKC activities and her diligence in raising this dog to be a great canine companion, has provided me with an awesome brood female.

Portia, together with Athos has produced the “J” litter. This was a lovely, uniform litter and so far all the new owners have been thrilled with their puppy companions. Two males went to the Victorian Police Dog Squad and the remaining puppies went to families where they are much loved. Portia has now completed her parental duties and Rachael is free to enjoy her as her own. Thank you for your generosity, it was a tough few weeks for you!

Photos 1 and 4 provided by Rachael Sammutt.

Portia2 PortiaC PortiaB