Our Boys

Athos ouch-1The flagship of Garsova has so far been A’Portos Anrebri ‘Athos’. We closely followed his progress whilst he was being trained in the Czech Republic and was bursting with anticipation at his arrival date in Australia. Athos was everything we thought he would be. He was a gentleman, a clown and a very serious dog when working in drive. He was easy to live with, sociable and fun to take out and about and generally a very impressive and attractive animal. He produced a few good litters for us but with canine reproductive clinics being more readily available, we decided to have him collected and allow him the opportunity to become a working dog. He was sold to Victoria Police where he quickly became an operational police dog. We miss him dearly but we did what was right for the him and he LOVES his job with the boys in blue.

Garsova Dartus ‘Faustus’ is another of our stud dogs waiting in the wings. He was raised and trained by a friend who prepared him for a working life with keen attention and dedication. Faustus was housed here at Garsova for a few months prior to joining the West Australian Police Dog Squad. He and his partner are kicking goals with gusto. I have semen available and have some exciting plans for 2017.

Garsova FargoGarsova Hadar and Garsova Ghazi are all going to participate in our breeding program once they have graduated as police dogs.

ATHOSA’Portos Anrebri IPO3 (Imp Czech)

‘Athos’ was imported from the Czech Republic at the end of 2014. He is a large male with a great presence. He is a powerful boy with very good nerve and super stable temperament. In his IPO career he excelled in his bite work and tracking but was a little more ‘ho hum’ about obedience. He has a crushing bite and will happily turn ‘civil’ when necessary. He has superb balance of drives and that elusive ‘off’ switch. He is a very successful combination of Czech and west German working lines and has so far had a very positive influence in my breeding program. All three litters have produced puppies that are now being raised by police dog handlers as potential Police Dogs.

Athos was a very easy dog to live with but with his training and potential, we thought it kinder to put him in a working home where he would have some quality of life rather than wasting in a garden at Garsova. He is a very fertile male and we have a substantial amount of frozen semen available for use later.

Athos is now ‘Police Dog Athos’ and works for the Victorian Police Dog Squad.

Athos-2 Athos bite AthosGrad1 copy

Athos – early training for IPO1

Athos – IPO training

Athos – tracking and show

Oshi1Police Dog Garsova Elioshi

This is Police Dog ‘Oshi’. He graduated in 2015 with flying colors. He is from Lacey Gila van de Duca Vallei imp CZ and by Vonammerberg Eiko (Grim). Oshi has excellent hip and elbow scores and will be utilised within the Garsova breeding program in the future.

Oshi is a very stable and environmentally sound dog that has already proven his worth as a police dog. He has a strong personality and the tenacity of his mother whilst having the bone and ‘a little bit of bastard’ from his sire. He is well liked by the Squad members and a pleasure to work with.


PD Oshi











Faustus Grad photoGarsova Dartus

This is Garsova Dartus Faustus. He is from Vicpol Kira and Vonammerberg Eiko (Grim). Fausty has a tragic story attached to him. He came back to us after his owner died unexpectedly at two years old and was gratefully accepted by the Western Australian Police Dog Squad where he and his team mate have become inseparable. Fausty’s previous owner was meticulous with his training and spent many weekends here at Garsova developing his dog. It is a credit to him that Fausty graduated with flying colors after only a month in the Dog Squad.

He will also participate in the Garsova breeding program and we hope to see his offspring in 2017. His hips and elbows are excellent and he has his ‘AZ’ stamp.

Fausty is a very high drive dog with exceptional strength and power. He is a medium sized male with energy to burn. He has outstanding grips and has already had the sweet taste of success upon catching his first criminal. Fausty and his handler have made an exceptional team and we wish them all the best for the future.

 Faustus in gear-2 Faustus-0467 Fausty -10


Titus1This is Titus! 

He is from Lacey and Schutzshep Jinx. This was to be ‘Koda’s’ last litter and we were rather excited about this combination of Czech bloodlines. Lacey produced eight very nice puppies; four males and four females. We watched them grow and speculated about their potential and then one day we discovered one was becoming rather more fluffy. . . then another and by eight weeks of age we had six long stock coats and two smooths. Both smooths were retained with Titus being developed by James Craig. Titus is about to be dispatched to join his ‘half brother once removed, Faustus’, at the West Australian Canine and Mounted Division. This brings the number of Garsova dogs at the WAPOL Dog Squad to three!