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What is the difference between a Working Line GSD and a Show Line GSD

There are BIG differences and here are some answers to that question! We implore that people considering a Working Line puppy do their homework in relation to the temperament and character of these dogs. As with any large dog, they need ongoing training. This is not just to make you look good as an owner but to enable your dog to be happy too. Clear lines of communications built on trust and understanding will put you and your dog way out in front. These dogs don’t just need training, they need QUALITY training! They also need to be an integral part of the family unit. To exclude them and leave them to their own devices for lengthy periods is going to condemn your relationship with your dog. You won’t be happy and your dog will suffer.


There is a very good article here about Working Lines – scroll down to ‘working lines’ title.

German Shepherd Types


Working German Shepherds as Pets and Companions – a must read!!

And finally, this website is full of worthwhile information.

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Kira x Grim

Kira x Grim