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Rising Star

Rising Star

We have been involved with Dogs and Horses all our life and enjoyed a successful career in showing, breeding and training in both arenas. Although for a time we was heavily involved with my Borzoi, we always had at least one German Shepherd (GSD) and eventually, much as we loved the Borzoi, the Shepherds won out.

We love the look of the breed, their versatility, strength of character and their willingness to work and participate/interact with their people. Their great intelligence and eagerness to please makes them a joy (and occasionally a challenge) to partner. All our dogs LOVE to be part of everything we do.

Our main pursuits have been obedience and tracking. It is our intention to train for Gilli’s BH and to continue in developing our young stock. We take great pride in our breeding program and invest a significant amount of time in the development of our puppies and supporting clients in their own exciting journeys.

We also conduct regular Workshops and have so far had Forrest Micke (USA), Daniel Mannix (Victorian Dog Training Academy) and Steve Courtney (K9 Pro)


Our greatest canine love was Mayo. He was my second GSD and epitomized what a great dog should be. He was calm and loyal; handsome and strong, kind and obedient and had an inbuilt sense of duty, which we were grateful for on more than one occasion. He was our first working line dog – albeit Australian bred and lived to a ripe old age of 14, achieving a CD title, his Herding Instinct Test Certificate at age 10 and is sorely missed still.

Our History

We now have a new property and brand new kennels and facilities to enhance the management of the dogs. All our dogs have time in the house and garden and their management is enhanced by purpose built indoor/outdoor kennels with kitchen facilities. We have six acres for them to enjoy and three beaches close by. All have outings at least three times a week. We also attend as many workshops as is possible in Victoria in order to improve our knowledge and handling skills and have a terrific network of very talented and clever people.

Our breeding direction has changed and with careful selection of new breeding stock, we are now working towards predominantly Czech bloodlines. Lacey, Bara and Athos will provide us with some much needed new blood including a very strong line of outstanding working dogs. With another male and female arriving later in the year, we will have a solid foundation to enhance and solidify an already outstanding program.

Forrest Micke at Garsova

Forrest Micke running a three day workshop at Garsova

The facilities at this property have enabled us to further develop puppies and young dogs with many obstacles, a ball pit, climbing equipment, an old car used for scent detection work and tunnels etc. It has also been purpose developed to be suited to conducting workshops. The property is double fenced with a number of large, secure paddocks and a series of new 24m x 2.4m exercise runs containing a number of enrichment opportunities.

To date we have entertained members of Tasmania Police, Victorian Police, Correctional Services and the Australian Defence Force. WIN TV and ABC radio have also been guests here at Garsova.

Steve Courtney conducting a two day workshop at Garsova

Steve Courtney conducting a two day workshop at Garsova


Here at Garsova we take our breeding decisions very seriously. For each combination, we plan the potential preferred outcomes on paper and hope that it transpires nicely in reality. Our aim is to maintain a high percentage of Czech bloodlines in our genetics but occasionally we have to outcross to balance the combination. When done, we always choose to go back into Czech bloodlines to consolidate our pedigrees. Our success is measured by the overwhelming support and growth in the number of clients along with the number of dogs graduating into formal roles as operational dogs. These males provide me with stud dogs for the future.


We have been breeding these dogs for close on six years now and our preferred clients are Law Enforcement Agencies. This is where the majority of our males go. Sometimes males are available to the general public but we believe that generally, females make better companions for less experienced owners. Thus far I have been extremely lucky with my dogs in the general population and I believe this is due solely to the fact that they are remarkable people who have had the drive and determination to make the best of their high calibre dogs. Dogs of this class require quality training – not just training and this challenge has been accepted and won by many! For this, we at Garsova, are both proud and thankful.

However! Of all these clients, there is approximately 2% who have been unprepared and oblivious to the requirements of their new puppy. Suffice it to say, it ends in tears for all. As such we try and continue the education of potential clients and highlight the advantages and disadvantages of owning Garsova dogs BEFORE they embark on purchasing one. Our Garsova Facebook page now holds a wealth of information, as does the web in general, so we implore you to do your research prior to setting your heart on one of our puppies.

As a breeder of German Shepherd dogs it goes without saying that we love our dogs and what we do. Each and every puppy that leaves our home holds a special place in our hearts and will never be forgotten. Based on this premise, we will ALWAYS be there to take these dogs back or assist in rehoming them. This is to ensure that the best interests of the dogs are met and to prevent them from appearing in Animal Shelters or worse, in the hands of backyard breeders by way of Gumtree.

Our Goals

My primary goal is to produce outstanding working dogs first and foremost and to ensure that the best of these dogs go to Agencies that will utilise them to the best of their abilities. To do so, I import proven working bloodlines, combine them with my current graduated operational dogs and monitor each litter as it matures. In addition to that, I also adhere to the following principles:

  • To produce healthy and sound dogs which adhere closely to the standard as set by the breed founder Captain Von Stephanitz.
  • To ensure that my breeding stock meet and exceed the health standards required by the ANKC and the GSDCA.
  • To raise puppies that are healthy, fit, socialised and well equipped to go to their new homes.
  • To educate and support my puppy buyers and to continue this support throughout the life of their dog and beyond.
  • To ensure that puppies are placed in homes that are suited to owning a German Shepherd Dog.
  • To actively encourage responsible dog ownership and to promote Dog Sport using a sensible and balanced approach.